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If you are looking at a world map, you will be forgiven if you missed homes in Malta. Some maps don’t even have it! However, if you look at a map of Europe, you will see Malta right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The key word here is “dot” as Malta is literally a dot on almost any map.


This indicates the apparent smallness of the island. The Maltese archipelago consists mainly of three islands namely Malta, Gozo and Comino. Malta is the largest, only 316 sq. km, and to cross the island from side to side by car, you will need a little more than an hour (if you do not take into account traffic jams).



So, what’s so great about this island, which is twice the size of Washington?


The island’s rich and long history and fantastic beaches attract thousands of visitors every year. Not to mention the many other attractions and places. Combine that with friendly and hospitable locals and you have a winner.


While on holiday in Malta, many visitors often realize after a while that they want to live a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle, decide to buy homes in malta and move permanently to the Maltese Islands.


The close proximity of the Maltese Islands to the countries of Southern and Central Europe makes these tiny but charming islands even more attractive. For example, Sicily is only half an hour by plane.


So the next time someone asks you “Where is Malta?” be sure to give a detailed answer, or even better, show him or her your cool photos from your holiday in Malta!


Compared to other countries, Malta is known for its slow pace of life and warm climate all year round. These two reasons should encourage people who like a quiet environment to want to buy property and settle in Malta. Unlike other countries that are known to be teeming with crime, Malta does not have a high crime rate and this is also good news for investors.


Investing in Malta might just be the best idea because the country has links to countries such as mainland Italy, Sicily and Tunisia. This means that you can comfortably reach any of the three countries by ferry. If someone wants to settle in Malta with their family, they don’t have to worry about their children’s education as the system is excellent. The beautiful beaches are another reason to buy a property in Malta as they can enjoy the beautiful scenery and swim from time to time. Real estate in Malta can also be rented for the whole year. Since Malta is now a member of the European Union, there will be more investment coming into the country and this is a good reason for those looking to buy land in Malta.


Malta is also known for being a low tax country and this is especially good for people who want to invest in Malta. This applies not only to the tax burden of businesses, but also to the tax burden of individuals. Anyone who buys property in this country also receives a residence permit, which means that the tax laws will work for him as well. Since people move to live in Malta for a variety of reasons, this means that there is a very reasonable potential client base to deal with. There are also various types of property that can be bought in Malta.


Such real estate includes villas, townhouses and real estate outside the city, such as apartments. Commercial real estate is also available to investors in Malta. Such objects include retail facilities, warehouses, offices and offices. You can buy or rent property in malta , but it all depends on your needs.


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