Know All About Banner Printing in Washington, DC

Whether you need impressive outdoor promotion or are hosting an event, banner printing in Washington, DC is the way to go. Such printing is a form of poster printing and is also known as large-format printing or wide-format printing. Typically, banners employ a much larger paper size than regular printing. They could be printed one- or two-sided and are designed for both interior and exterior use. With durable and high-quality Banner Printing in Washington DC by Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays, you can display your messages loud and clear to grab the attention and eyeballs of your target audience.

Banner Sizes

For banners, there’s no official size. They usually start around 12 inches (approximately 30.5 centimeters) and can be up to 10 feet (approximately 3 meters) in both height and width, based on what the customer’s requirements are. If you need larger banners, you can get them customized to meet your specific dimensions. However, if you need smaller sizes, you should look for posters instead of banners.

You can get your banners in Washington, DC, printed in duplex or simplex, which means they are two-sided or one-sided. Simplex banner printing in Washington, DC is the most common choice. As a result, you may not get many printers that offer duplex banner printing services. Duplex banners are best used outside, especially in an area with high traffic coming from both directions.

Banner Types

When it comes to banner categories, you will get various choices. High-quality paper banners are primarily suitable for indoor use as they aren’t designed to withstand outdoor elements. Weather-resistant vinyl banners are ideal for outdoor advertising, such as across trade fairs, education fairs, and open-air events. You can install them using pole pockets and reinforced corners and hems. You could also use weather-resistant, highly durable, and lightweight PVC banners for a wide range of purposes.

Breathable mesh banners are ideal for windy areas as they are wind-resistant, thanks to the small holes strategically positioned across their body. You can use heat-welded hems and metal grommets to install them.

Canvas banners with sewn hems are mainly designed for indoor use and can be installed using grommets. You could also use dynamic and bright polyester fabric banners that can be optimally used indoors and outdoors.

Tips to Consider Before Printing Your Next Banner

At first, you should choose the right size and font for your banner. Before hiring a banner printing service in Washington, DC, you should decide how far and high your banner will be positioned. From what distance you want people to read the banner is another important consideration. A general principle is 10 to 100, which means your target letter height should be 10 inches for every 100 feet of visibility.

The faster traffic moves in the area where your banner is likely to be positioned, the larger your banner size and font need to be. This means your banner targeting casual walkers in a neighborhood park can be smaller than your banner targeting freeway traffic. A reliable and experienced banner printing service in Washington, DC can help you pick the correct size and font for your banner to ensure it’s noticeable and readable by your target audience.

Keeping your banner text precise is another thing to adhere to. Simplicity is the key, and a general rule of thumb for using text on a banner is 3 by 5. This means your banner should have 3 lines of text with 5 words in each line or 5 lines with 3 words in each.

You should also choose your banner’s color combinations to ensure they are easy on the eyes, stand out with contrasting colors to create an impact, and are distinguishable within a few seconds. For instance, color combinations like white on blue or black on white tick all these factors, thus making them excellent choices for your banner printing in Washington, DC.

When picking your banner colors, you should consider the background as well. Where you intend to position your banner – against a brick wall, forest, busy traffic background, or temporary fence – will help determine which contrasting colors will let it stand out.

Your Ideal Banner Printing Partner in Washington, DC

Start your sign printing project here with 4+ decade-old trusted, veteran-owned sign company to handle your banner printing needs in Washington, DC. Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays has been in business since 1977 and offers bespoke banner printing services in Washington, DC to meet a wide range of requirements.

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