This Number Lets You Call Hogwarts

When I first study approximately the Hogwarts Hotline, I wasn`t positive it become for real. But being the large Harry Potter fan that I am, I needed to chunk the bullet and notice if it surely worked. 

 It worked!


The US-primarily based totally telecellsmartphone quantity solutions with an informational recording from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

 Hogwarts Express 


 When You Call Hogwarts


After creating a selection, a completely excellent sounding woman stocks the info on how college students arrive to the campus through Platform nine 3/four at Kings Cross Station. Of course, Hogwarts is positioned in an undisclosed place in Scotland for safety motives, so that you don`t get tons greater information than that. 

 A a laugh wonder interrupts the decision, which, it turns out, is a smart commercial for the University of Phoenix. I won`t supply any spoilers, however let`s simply say that children specially gets a kick out of ways the decision ends. 


 Which you may say is quite on point, on account that all of us understand how the phoenix is a brilliant image withinside the Wizarding World. 

 Hogwarts Crest 

 But that begs the question, what could Hogwarts be doing with a Muggle phone line? 

 I mean, Mr. Weasley didn`t understand the way to use one and he treated Muggle artifacts each day. 


 So I doubt a few potential scholar could attempt to name the Hogwarts Hotline to get greater information on admissions. 


 Hogwarts Castle 


 Still, it`s a quite cool manner to waste  minutes. 

 I can`t wait to expose my seven-year-antique Harry-Potter-loving son. I mean, we`ve already observed the Wizarding World of Harry Potter hidden secrets and techniques and pouted in the front of Platform nine 3/four, so why now no longer supply ol` Hogwarts a ring? 

 Well, are you equipped to name? Just dial (605) 475-6961. 

 Are you a Potterhead, too? 


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Did you name the Hogwarts Hotline? 

 Oh, and in case you need to offer Santa a name too, we have you ever covered. 


 (914) 737-9938

Hilarious statement test- This Westchester County, New York phone line is largely really well worth dialing for the smart message. It says “This a CPTA statement test. Uh, I don`t have the foggiest concept what it have to say; I am now no longer that involved approximately it. Along those lines, withinside the occasion that each person receives this in reality forget about it, alright, and grasp up.” 



You are dismissed- You met an energizing new man or woman, asked their phone quantity, and were given it. Be that because it may, whilst you called, it become now no longer them at the line. It become the Rejection Hotline. Oof! Here`s the message you`ll get, “Hi! This isn`t the man or woman you had been trying to name. You`ve arrived on the Rejection Hotline.” 


 The voice proceeds to make clear in bleak element the severa ability motives you could were dismissed. How unfeeling, but cunning. It commenced in Atlanta in 2001, and now there are greater than 30 city regions with Rejection Hotline phone numbers. Furthermore, the hotline is sincerely occupied! Every metropolis receives greater than 50,000 calls in line with month. 


 Wrapping up:


This become all approximately Hogwarts telecellsmartphone numbers and different humorous numbers. You can dial those numbers at instances whilst you experience bored. The computerized messages are sufficient to convey a grin on your face. So, what are you ready for? Go, supply this a attempt yourself.


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